Catbells 2nd time around

The Walk

1 Wainwright completed.
Catbells - 451 metres.

Catbells 2nd time around with my family.

Exciting times, all my children, their partners and my 3 gorgeous grandchildren had joined Christine and myself for a week in my favourite place, The Lakes.
Today they would be ascending their very first fell, and bearing in mind we had 2 three year olds with us it had to be interesting and not too far to walk.
My choice was the very popular Catbells.
Starting at the Lakeside Theatre right beside Derwent Water and just outside Keswick we caught the launch for our journey across the lake to Hawes End at the base of Catbells.
We set off through the woods, past the carpark, across the road and up the engineered path on Skelgill Bank towards the first mini summit at 338 metres.
The little ones were going well but their first test with hands on rock climbing coming up.
They coped well with the mild scrambling, we let the children go up in front of an adult just in case there was a slip, however my son was becoming concerned. Catbells is a great walk but it does have its moments and just leading up to the summit there is a great little climb.
Christine and myself have climbed this fell before and thought it would be ok for the little ones with a bit of assistance from the many adults available, however 50ft from the summit and with the final scramble to complete my son point blank refused to let his daughter go any further. So we agreed to meet them back at the ferry jetty while the rest of us went over the summit and back down the easier path.
My 7 year old grandson flew up the rocks like a pro and I had to keep telling him to slow down, I couldn't keep up !!!
My 3 year old granddaughter made it up with some assistance from my son in law, and I was so proud of her claiming her first Wainwright.
The path back is much easier with the added bonus of an ice cream van halfway back.
Another great day on the fells.