Helm Crag

The Walk

16th August 2005
Our first Lake District walk, starting in Grasmere following the Easdale Road to Lancrigg, then a direct ascent from the south of Helm Crag 1329ft. From the summit it was an easy ridge walk in a north westerly direction all the way to Calf Crag 1762ft. taking in Gibson Knott 1379ft. on the way. Upon reaching the head of the valley our return path followed Far Easdale Gill in a south westerly direction back to Lancrigg and then Grasmere.
3 Wainwright's completed.
Helm Crag - 405 mts.
Gibson Knott - 420 mts.
Calf Crag - 537 mts.

Helm Crag
Helm Crag