Holme Fell and Black Crag

The Walk

This year's visit would be to Coniston Village and hopefully summit all the Wainwright fells in the surrounding area.
My first walk was to take in Holme Fell and Black Fell, these are two of the smaller fells, however, making up for the stature, the mileage of the walk would go well into double figures.
Starting in Coniston village I picked up the Cumbria Way and headed towards Tarn Howes. Upon reaching the tarn lower car park I crossed the A593 and headed up the steep climb to Holme Fell, there are two summits on the fell and it is the more southerly that is the summit. A short tea break and then time to move on, my route would circumnavigate the whole fell taking in Hodge Close Quarry enroute. The quarry is a huge 200ft deep cut in the ground and extremely steep sided, even the route down looks dangerous.
But first navigating across the bog near the reservoir, such a shame it's not a tarn because the setting is beautiful.
Next stop Black Fell, but getting there proved a bit of navigational nightmare. Looking from the summit of Holme Fell it looked ok, but from the direction I was coming there were no paths and lots of false summits, so in the end I walked through towards Tarn Howes and approached the summit from there.
My days walk ended with a 4 mile walk mainly downhill through beautiful ancient woodland.
2 Wainwright's completed - 27 intotal.
Holme Fell - 317 metres
Black Fell - 323 metres

Summit of Holme Fell
Summit of Holme Fell