Arthurs Pike, Bonscale Pike, Loadpot Hill, Kidsty Pike etc.

The Walk


8 Wainwrights completed - 50 in total.
Arthurs Pike - 533 metres
Bonscale Pike - 524 metres
Loadpot Hill - 672 metres
Wether Hill - 671 metres
High Raise (High Street) - 802 metres
Kidsty Pike - 780 metres
Rampsgill Head - 792 metres
The Knott (High Street) - 739 metres

This would turn out to be bit of a monster walk, with 3126ft of ascent and over 15 miles walked no wonder I was tired by the time Glenridding was reached.
The first Ullswater steamer out of Glenridding was boarded for the 45 minute trip to my walk starting point, Howtown. A gradual climb for 2 miles alongside the lake before turning right for an extremely steep ascent onto the ridge and my first Wainwright of the day, Arthur's Pike. I didn't really know what to expect heading towards Bonscale Pike, but the descent down to Swarthbeck was delightful and would have made a terrific lunch stop in this sheltered spot with views over Ullswater. Not for me, a long way to go and Bonscale was beckoning with it's strange towers built into the side of the cliff. A quick break here and then due south towards the massive bulk of Loadpot Hill.
Leaving Loadpot Hill with it's huge flat summit behind I headed downhill to pick up the Roman Road, it could be seen all the way to my next summit Wether Hill, which turned out to be a large grassy dome. The next part turned out to be quite tedious, mile after mile of straight track all the way to High Raise, should have expected this really after all it is a Roman Road. High Raise was to be the first rocky summit of the day, and what a great panorama, with Haweswater, Kidsty Pike and High Street coming into view.
This was more like it, a short walk on Kidsty Pike (the highest point on Wainwrights coast to coast walk) with dramatic views of the Long Stile ridge leading all the way from Haweswater Reservoir to the summit of High Street. This would be the turning point back towards Glenridding with 9.5 miles completed. The summits were coming thick and fast now, with Rampsgill Head and The Knott all within the next half mile, I did have the option of the out and back to High Street but an extra 2 miles would have probably finished me off, anyway I want to climb High Street from Haweswater via Longstile so it was an easy call. With The Knott summited that would be 8 Wainwrights for the day and the prospect of a 5 mile walk back to look forward to. I could have called in at Brock Crags on the way back but by the time I got to Angle Tarn my legs had decided enough was enough, luckily the last 3 miles were virtually all downhill, and with stunning views.
A fantastic day on the fells with excellent weather.

Summit of Kidsty Pike, highest point on Coast to Coast walk.
Summit of Kidsty Pike, highest point on Coast to Coast walk.