Dow Crag, The Old Man of Coniston, Brim Fell and Swirl How

The Walk

Today's walk from Coniston was one of the best so far, heading up the Walna Scar Road to a height of 450 metres. Then turning off to Goats Water a huge tarn but totally dominated by the massive crags of Dow Crag. What a stunning rugged place, I noticed two climbers ready to negotiate one of the massive 1000ft buttresses, they looked  like ants.
 It was a serene scene totally sheltered, but it was blowing a gale when I emerged up onto Goats Hause. Walking up to Dow Crag summit I was keeping well away from the edge and with the summit perched above a drop into oblivion and the wind blowing in that direction it was not a place to stop for lunch.
Next stop The Old Man.
 Now this was my first time up here but you wouldn't think so by the number of people asking directions, and because of my preparation these could be given with confidence. However this leads to the question, what happens if the cloud comes down and nobody is about?  These are dangerous places and deserve respect, also the mountain rescue teams all of whom are volunteers are busy enough with genuine calls, without countless phone calls from lost people.
Having said all this, I will always help anybody who is lost and if the conditions are bad will take them to a safe exit off the fell.
 Rant over.
The Old Man of Coniston, they have carved at it for centuries but still it is magnificent with views to die for. A great place to stop for lunch although you probably won't be alone. And I could see the rest of my days walk from the summit.
Most of the hard walking had now been completed, and now it was time for a lovely ridge walk all the way to Swirl How via Brim Fell and Great How Crags.
My last summit of the day would be Swirl How, perched on an airy edge this was my turning point to head back via the mildly exhilarating Prison Band.
Prison Band is a narrow spur dropping 200 metres in a distance of 400 metres from Swirl How down to Swirl Hause, and gives the chance of getting hands on the rock. I really enjoyed it, so much so I would be back the next day to climb up it.
Swirl Hause is the exit off the fell taking me down to Levers Water, Coppermines Cottages and back to Coniston village.
A lovely long walk with a bit of everything.
4 Wainwright's completed - 31 in total.
Dow Crag - 778 metres
Old Man of Coniston - 809 metres
Brim Fell - 796 metres
Swirl How -  802 metres

The Old Man of Coniston.
The Old Man of Coniston.