Pikeawassa (Steel Knotts)

The Walk

1 Wainwright completed - 56 in total.
Pikeawassa (Steel Knott) -  432 metres.

We fancied a quiet short walk today after a long haul up to the stunning High Cup Nick in the North Pennines the previous day.
On my walks in May I made good use of the Ullswater steamers to take me to my starting points for some epic walks. So we headed for Pooley Bridge to take the steamer to Howtown for the short ascent of Pikeawassa.
Martindale is one of my favourite places in the Lakes, it is quiet and tranquil with stunning scenery and not short of some great fells. We headed up from the quay, skirted around the church and took on the short steep climb of Cotehow to get on the summit ridge. Following this a half mile ridge walk brought us to the summit outcrop with great views in all directions.

Summit of Pikeawassa
Summit of Pikeawassa