Pillar Walk

the Walk


5 Wainwrights completed - Total 73

Pillar  - 892 metres
Black Crag - 828 metres - Non Wainwright
Scoat Fell - 841 metres - 2nd & 3rd visit
Haycock - 797 metres - 2nd & 3rd visit
Caw Fell - 697 metres
Red Pike (Wasdale) -826 metres

I needed a fine weather day to appreciate this longish walk and it worked out fairly well. Looking out from my bedroom window at the Wasdale Head Inn towards Pillar there were glimpses of blue sky, however the cloud was looking persistent over the high fells.
After a massive breakfast I set out into Mosedale on the Black Sail path which would make Pillar the first summit of the day. Once again I took the shortcut route to attain the ridge which cuts about 1/2 mile off the Black Sail Pass route.
I had thought about attempting the spectacular high level route, however with a long walk out and back to Caw Fell the decision was easy. The shortcut brought me out at the viewpoint of Looking Stead where it is a left turn for Pillar. Although this route is not as exciting as the High Level route it is pleasant enough and on a clear day there would be marvellous views in all directions. So, into the mist on a well cairned route and the summit was soon attained, quite flat with a couple of wind shelters and a trig point. Care had to be taken on leaving the summit area in the heavy mist, the route to Black Crag is a left turn at the summit, straight on will take you steeply down to Ennerdale.
Next up Black Crag after some scrambling down the crags of Pillar. Black Crag is not a Wainwright but still a fine fell with glorious views of Steeple (a steep sided arrete attached to Scoat Fell).
The feel of the walk changed once Scoat Fell was reached, the cloud had lifted the views opened up and the path stretched out in front of me on this airy ridge all the way to Haycock. Scoat Fell summit cairn is (unusually) on top of the wall that stretches all the way to Ennerdale Water, (the wall passes through at the highest point on Scoat Fell, so the cairn was built on the wall).
Haycock is a mile further on over grass, with a steepish climb to attain the summit, once there the views over to  the Scafell's can be taken in.
Another mile on is Caw Fell, but first I decided to summit Little Gowder Crag which was great, However getting down the other side was pretty hardcore and had me slithering down the rock in places. Caw Fell is a very lonely place, miles from anywhere and not a place to be stuck in inclement weather, not for me it had turned into a lovely day for walking in the high fells. A stop on the summit cairn for lunch with no one else about before about turn and back towards Scoat Fell via Little Gowder Crag (circumnavigating this time), and Haycock.
Two miles later back at Scoat Fell I turned right heading to Red Crag (Wasdale),
with spectacular views into Mosedale and across to Kirk Fell. Heading down from Red Crag towards Yewbarrow I was catching up with a walker who kept stopping and looking at his map. By the time I caught up with him we were at Dore Head which is the col between Red Pike and Yewbarrow, he was stopped and looking at his map. It turned out he had taken a wrong turn at Scoat Fell on his way back to Honnister Pass. We discussed his options on the best route back and decided that he would be best off dropping down the scree into Mosedale and then head up towards Styhead but turning up Gable Beck, this would give him the one ascent as he could circumnavigate around the head of Ennerdale on the same contour as Beck Head on Mose's Trod path and then all the way back to Honnister. I wished him good luck and we parted, I wanted to take the Over Beck path, which is the long way around Yewbarrow but with nice views over to Wastwater.
Another great day on the fells and glad to help out a fellow walker as well.


Summit of Pillar.