Hallin Fell, Place Fell and Angletarn Pikes

The Walk


Back in the Lakes again, staying in a B&B in Glenridding for 5 nights.
I still had unfinished business in this area, last time I was here a walk was shortened due to bad weather up at Angletarn so the two Pikes still needed knocking off the list.
I decided to take the Ullswater steamer to Howtown and then walk back to Glenridding. The first boat out was boarded, just about full as well with walkers and a large school party from Chelmsford. About 1/2 hour later we docked and I set off for the quick climb up onto Hallin Fell, The only problem with this walk, there was no ridge to stay on, it was a bit up and down, having said that it only took 45 minutes to summit and retrieve my steps back on Hallin Fell.
 It was a bit of a march to my next port of call, Place Fell, especially due to the route I wanted to take. On the boat I had noticed a waterfall on Place Fell that would be worth a visit, but this would mean a longish walk around the base of the fell instead of the short, steep ascent that was more obvious. It was worth the detour with great views from a terrace path about 200ft above the lake and of cause I would see nobody else until almost on the summit. Place Fell summit is a fantastic viewpoint when looking towards the Helvellyn fells, but today not so good, I managed to have a bite to eat and started my flask of tea when I noticed the sky darkening. Just managing to get everything packed away before a vicious hail storm came bowling through, the temperature dropped like a stone and all I could do was stand with my back to the wind direction with hailstones hitting me like airgun pellets. Worse than that,my gloves were in the backpack and I was starting to lose the feeling in my fingers,
it would take me an hour to get the warmth back in once the gloves were on.
Thankfully the storm was shortlived and I was heading steeply down towards Boredale Hause, and with the 250 metre drop an increase in temperature.
After the Hause I was climbing again up towards the beautiful Angletarn and its twin pikes of the same name. The north pike is the highest by just 2 metres, however the south pike with its views over Angletarn is a place I could sit all day and I did have an hours break there taking it all in.
After that it was an hours walk back to Glenridding all downhill with a short stop for a tea and huge scone at Side Farm on the way.

3 Wainwrights completed - 37 in total
Hallin Fell - 388 metres
Place Fell - 657 metres
Angletarn Pikes - 567 & 565 metres

Angle Tarn from the south summit
Angle Tarn from the south summit