Seathwaite Fell

The Walk


1 Wainwright completed - 70 in total.

Seathwaite Fell - 632 metres.

What a difference a day makes from yesterdays t-shirt and shorts to full waterproofs, and I might as well not bothered with the trousers as they let the water past within 2 hours.
As I don't get the opportunity to come to the Lakes very often, it's a case of getting out there whatever the weather is and getting the job done. This was definitely the case today.
I chose Seathwaite Fell as it would be more sheltered from the driving rain than most due to it lying east of and below Great End. This did turn out as I had hoped, leaving the fell top fairly clear for exploring.
I took the high level route up to Styhead as I thought the low level path would be quite soggy, it turned out to be a good choice and it only took me 47 minutes to reach the stretcher box. This was when the weather turned foul, the wind was channelled through the Styhead gap driving the rain horizontally, yippee. Pushing on up the next incline towards my favourite place the beautiful and tranquil Sprinkling Tarn, one of the very few that feeds into another tarn ( Styhead Tarn).
One thing I was sure of, there would not be anybody else on Seathwaite Fell ,which is fantastic unless you slip over and break your leg. Sure enough it was all mine in the pouring rain.
I had a good exploration around the numerous summit crags and small tarns dotted about.
One thing I don't have to concern myself with now is did I visit the correct summit cairn, I now have in my possession the latest hikers gps unit a Garmin Oregon 650 which will tell me to the nearest metre my current elevation, This is extremely useful with some of the summit areas being quite extensive.
The walk back was quite uneventful, I was treading carefully avoiding any sloping rocks. There were quite a number of school parties now out taking on the climb, one of which was led by an Indian chap who stopped and asked directions to Great Langdale, which I duly gave, although I still don't know if he understood (turn right at the stretcher box), I'm glad he wasn't leading any of my family.

Seathwaite Fell on a better day from descent of Great Gable.

Seathwaite Fell on a better day from descent of Great Gable.