Ullock Pike, Longside, Carlside and Skiddaw

The Walk


4 Wainwrights completed - 55 in total
Ullock Pike - 690 metres
Longside - 734 metres
Carlside - 746 metres
Skiddaw - 931 metres

Back in the Lakes again, with Christine, we were staying in a lovely converted barn in the Eden valley for a week. Due to this we would be concentrating on the Northern fells starting with a heavy duty walk up to Skiddaw. We had about a 15 mile drive to get there and parked up close to a forest track under Dodd with views over Bassenthwaite Lake. We started with a long walk through Dodd Woods before climbing steeply onto the ridge leading firstly to Ullock Pike. I had been long looking forward to walking this ridge after reading other people's accounts and I was not disappointed, the views were magnificent in all directions with the massive bulk of Skiddaw standing out. This truly was an excellent ridge walk all the way to Carlside before attacking an extremely steep scree ascent up to the mighty Skiddaw, one of the very few mountains in England over 3000ft. The scree was as steep as it looked from a distance but was soon climbed and we were rewarded with stunning clear views and it was even quite warm. Lunch was had in the shelter and then it was time to retrace our steps down the scree to Carlside where we would be taking a different route back to the car. I had to give Christine lessons on how to descend scree after she slipped over, and that, I'm glad to say improved her descent considerably.
We were both tired after tackling a long walk on our first day, but it had been enjoyable, and another 4 Wainwrights completed.

Skiddaw from Summit of Longside.
Skiddaw from Summit of Longside.